The Best Day to Book Flights for the Holidays Is…Today!

More people are planning to travel for the holidays this year now. So when’s the best time to book your flight?

A travel app called Hopper uses an algorithm that looks at travel trends and prices from other years.  And it found that TODAY is the best day to buy your tickets. This week is a good time to book flights in general, especially for Christmas.  But tickets might be slightly more expensive by Friday than they are today.

If you’re not ready to book yet, they say prices probably won’t skyrocket until late October.  Once we hit November, prices for flights around Thanksgiving will spike 40%.  And the same thing happens in the last few weeks before Christmas. The good news is Thanksgiving flights are expected to be 11% cheaper than normal this year.  But flights for Christmas will be 10% more expensive than they were in 2019.

The cheapest day to fly for Thanksgiving is ON Thanksgiving, but Monday of that week is also pretty cheap.  And if you don’t mind getting in last-minute, flights on Christmas Eve tend to be cheaper than other days.  But Tuesday the 21st is also good.

The most expensive days to fly are the Sunday after Thanksgiving . . . and December 26th, which also falls on a Sunday this year.

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