Tesla’s latest full self-driving beta has an option called “ASSERTIVE” driving.  And it basically sounds like you can choose to let your car drive like a JERK.

It’s got three profile options:  “Chill,” “Average,” and “Assertive” driving.  And there’s a summary under “Assertive” that talks about what it does.

It says the assertive option shortens your “follow distance,” so…tailgating.  It also does “more frequent” lane changes, stays in the fast lane more often, even if you’re not passing anyone, and allows for, quote, “rolling stops.” That last one’s getting the most attention, because it sounds like it’ll roll through stop signs if no one’s around.  Obviously that’s illegal though.

It’s not clear how accurate the descriptions are, and we’d be shocked if Tesla intentionally lets its cars do anything illegal.  But who knows.  

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