If you’ve ever wondered why so much fuss is made over alligators and crocodiles, look no further than Mooringsport, Louisiana for your answer. That’s where a gator retaliated against a sheriff’s deputy by biting a chunk off his patrol car.
The incident happened Tuesday on Louisiana Highway 1, the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office reports. After a resident spotted the eight-foot-long alligator in the middle of the road, he called for assistance. A sheriff’s deputy responded and was waiting for someone from the Wildlife Office to show up when the gator apparently became annoyed. It charged the deputy’s vehicle and chomped down on its front bumper, tearing it off.
The gator carried his catch to the side of the road, set it down and examined it. Then it decided to get while the gettin’ was good, taking off moments before wildlife officials arrived.
Apparently, this has happened before… and of course it happened in Florida…