An attempted car theft didn’t go quite as planned, mainly because the suspects weren’t prepared for what they got themselves into.

The driver of a 1995 Honda Civic pulled into a gas station and left the keys in the car as he went inside, which by the way, is just asking for someone to take your car.

It wasn’t long after that that 4 men in a black SUV showed up, and assumed that the Civic would be easy to steal. It would have been, if they knew how to do one small thing: drive a stick shift.

If you watch the footage, you can see the moment the owner of the car comes out of the store and realizes someone is trying to steal his car.

He confronts the carjackers, which is another bold move on his part, and then goes  back inside the store to get his cell phone so he can record everything for the police. Luckily, he got enough info that one of the 4 men are now in jail for the attempted carjacking.

First of all- why in the world are you trying to steal a 1995 Honda Civic? Aim higher guys?

Secondly, I will admit that I’m not great at driving stick, but I know enough to at least get it out of a parking lot. Driving a manual is going to be extinct soon, like writing in cursive. So for those of us who can do those things, we’re pretty much safeguarded against people who can’t. If they just started writing out credit card numbers in cursive, we’d cut down dramatically on identity theft.

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