This might be hard to believe, but there actually were some “Jackass” scenes that were a bit TOO graphic to show on TV.

On the latest episode of “Hot Ones: Truth or Dab”, STEVE-O described three scenes that were cut and they all involved JOHNNY KNOXVILLE.

Steve-O said in a scene called “Box Down Stairs”, quote, “[Johnny] just got in a box . . . they tucked in some pillows around him, taped it up, rolled it down a huge flight of cement stairs, and it was violent as hell.”

The second scene was when Johnny shot himself with a .38-calibre Smith and Wesson revolver.  And the third scene was when he got hit by a car.

Steve-O said, quote, “He said, ‘I’m Johnny Knoxville and I’m going to get hit by a car real soon.’ [Then a] car just came flying . . . he went through the windshield, rolled over.

“They asked him, ‘What were you thinking when you got hit by a car?’ And his answer was, ‘I wore two pairs of jeans so that I’d be safe.'”

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