“If you can think it up, it probably exists on the internet,” as the rule goes. Like playing the solo to “Master Of Puppets” backwards.
Sure enough, Bradley Hall beat you to it, rocking out on Metallica’s 1986 classic in reverse and posting it to YouTube for the world to witness.
Just in case you thought there might be some computer editing trickery afoot, when Hall hits the rewind button, the track sounds nearly identical to the album.
And to keep the would-be sleuths looking to poke holes in the performance at bay, he keeps an analog clock running in the frame.
In other Metallica news… Load turns 23!
In a sea of grunge and alternative, Metallica managed to pull off Load in 1996, five years after their smash Black album. Load showed that Metallica had staying power, staying at number one for four weeks.
Loudwire points out that 1996 was a weird year for metal. In addition to alternative heights, nu-metal bands like Korn were breaking onto the scene. Lots of fans were and are still critical of Load, calling it one of their least favorite albums by the band. Obviously, those fans didn’t listen to Metallica’s collaboration with Lou Reed called LuLu.
The album gave us Until It Sleeps, King Nothing and Hero of the Day, which I’m going to play now. Happy Anniversary to Load. Boy that’s a weird sentence…

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