Did you know there’s an American version of Stonehenge?  Or there USED to be anyway:  The Georgia Guidestones were known as the “American Stonehenge” until someone BLEW THEM UP yesterday morning.

They were in a field in a remote part of northern Georgia.  But an explosion at 4:00 A.M. destroyed half of the monument, and the rest had to be demolished. There’s footage of the blast, and of a car speeding away.  So hopefully they catch them.

I took a trip the guidestones in 2018. The story behind it is that in 1980, an anonymous group of donors pooled their money to create the guidestones, which would function as a compass, clock, and provide order should a catastrophic event take place.

They have a history of vandalism (see the above Wikipedia article) which is why there’s cameras pointed directly at them. Though there are theories on who would’ve been inspired to blow them up, at the time of this blog, no one has been identified.




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