One of the worst things about air travel is boarding. Pushing, waiting, overhead space and impatience are a few things that can be annoying.

There’s one airport trying to fix the boarding nightmare. London’s Heathrow airport is testing different ideas to speed up the process of getting on a plane.

In a two month trial with EasyJet Airlines, several tests are taking place. One idea has passengers in the back of the plane boarding first. THANK YOU! Why haven’t they done this sooner? I say this EVERY TIME I board a plane! I’m usually one of the ones in the back and it makes NO SENSE to have us board last!

People in window seats get to board before others so they can get out of the aisles. This also makes a ton of sense! 

In the first week, a flight of 158 people boarded in 14 minutes. That’s about 3 minutes faster than normal. Priority passengers and people that need extra assistance will still get early boarding consideration.

Some airlines, like Frontier, make you pay to take a carry-on bag aboard the plane, and they charge you the same to check the bag. With most of their flights being non-stop, you might as well check the thing instead of lugging it on the plane. That definitely made the boarding process on Frontier a lot faster. 

There has to be other ways to get boarding to go faster, but these are a good start.

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