Soda City Sitdown: What’s Wrong In Kentucky? (And Also…My Criminal Record)

It’s Friday and I’m joined by the Soda City Sitdown, so OF COURSE, we talk all things Gamecock football. But also, because we’re headed to Kentucky this weekend, I share the story about the time I got arrested (just the one story about the one time, I can’t tell you the second story about the second time I got arrested).

Soda City Sitdown Drinking Game is here!

  • Take a drink for a 10+ yard rush
  • Take a shot for anytime we have a 50 yard field goal
  • Shotgun for any Gamecock touchdown (or field goal, depending how we’re scoring)
  • Take a drink with any error in production
  • Anytime a rooster crows
  • Either go full send on the bourbon or don’t have any at all



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