Which side of the thermostat are you on each night before bed? If you like a “chilly” bedroom at night you might actually be giving yourself a better chance at a better night’s sleep.
Tell your family to stop cranking up the heat when the sun goes down. The Atlantic shared a new study that said those who slept in cooler temperatures slept longer and woke up more alert. While experts disagree on the exact ideal temp for sleep, they all agree it’s in between the 60 and 67 range.
Cooler temps allow the body’s core temperature to cool easier and also helps lower your heart rate. If you’re keeping your bedroom toastier than 67 you could be fighting your body’s need to cool down. Some research even suggests insomnia is linked the malfunction of body’s heat regulation cycle.
I sleep really hot at night, so I’m going to try this. I also had someone recommend bamboo sheets. So if you’re like me, try these options for a better night’s sleep.

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