Hard to believe, but when Def Leppard dropped Hysteria in 1987, the now-iconic album didn’t do well immediately. But then something incredible happened.
Phil Collen revealed how the band rocketed up the charts thanks to dancers at gentleman’s clubs in the Sunshine State asking for “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.
Hitting the road that year, Def Lep were playing to “half-empty arenas,” admits the guitarist. But then, “This song starts getting requested by strippers in Florida, ’cause they’re performing to it. So then people are requesting it on the radio, and it kind of snowballs, or fireballs, if you want, from that point on.”
Hysteria became the band’s biggest success, topping the US charts three times and selling 13 times platinum.
Thanks ladies! It’s pretty much now the stripper national anthem, and I have no issue with that. It’s a hot song!

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