Sammy Hagar Says He Despised THIS Van Halen Song

When Sammy Hagar joined Van Halen in 1985, the band already had six albums’ worth of material – yet they only performed two of their previously-recorded songs live: “You Really Got Me” and “Jump.” And Hagar now admits he had a big problem with one of those tunes.

“I thought ‘Jump’ was a silly song,” Hagar says. “I didn’t like the lyrics and I had a hard time standing up there going, ‘Can’t you see me standing here / I got my back against the record machine / You know what I mean?’ I had a hard time with it.”

So how did Hagar make it through all those performances of “Jump?” By not singing, he says. “For an encore, we would play ‘Jump,’ but I would pull somebody out of the audience to sing it,” he recalls. “I was an a**hole, honestly. Guilty as charged.”

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