Man, I had the BEST time in the Windy City! I had never been on a “business trip” before, never had a Chicago dog, never went to the American Girl store, etc. I had a lot of firsts. I had never seen Sharon Van Etten in concert before either; if she ever comes close to Columbia, go see her! She’s extremely nice and very talented. I can’t wait to go back, when it’s not freezing cold, and when I can bring my husband. It’s a great city with a lot of cool stuff to see. I only had 24-ish hours there, so here’s my trip in a nutshell:

The ladies of Alt Rock Radio and Sharon Van Etten (she’s the cutie in the blue velvet coat)
Um, it was FREEZING on day one: 18 degrees!
These puppies were all over Chi-Town!
THE place to go for a Chicago dog- my first!
OH YEAH! I took the sport peppers off, but it was good without them!
This was SO GOOD!
OF COURSE the Friends parody play was right around the corner from my hotel!
The Westin- highly recommend!
The Lego version of the John Hancock building in the John Hancock building
Cocktails 94 floors high!
Always looking south!
Navy Pier from up high
nerd stuff
The food at the alt radio party- SO GOOD!
My new radio friend Bailey!
pretty church
At the BEAN!
some big city on the way home from Chicago


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