I started with Fox 102.3 in August 2015. I got the job after speaking with my old PD Paul at an event for Pawmetto Lifeline. I was there with my roller derby team, and I just mentioned to him that I was already working part-time in radio, and I might be looking for a full-time job in May after I graduated. I remember him saying “What about a job now?” I was taken aback; it’s not often that you get offered a job on the spot. I got his info, went on an interview, and was hired right away to do overnights and promotions part-time. I was officially hired as Promotions Manager June 2016 after I graduated from USC.
Three years ago (April 2016; featured pic), when Melany Myers left, I started doing mid-days on Fox. I was on a morning show on our sister station (Q 93.5), but I was chomping at the bit to do a show on rock radio. During that time, we launched Rock 99.7 The Panda, and I was the unofficial music director for Rock. After about a year doing mid-days on Fox alone, I joined my best friend Hunter on afternoons, and the Radio Edit Show was officially born in June 2017. We had a blast for almost a year, and then he left to do mornings in Savannah. At that point, I was still doing promotions for Fox, Rock 99.7 and Q 93.5, and still on-air on Fox and Q on the weekends. But I knew I wanted a shot at programming.
After Hunter left, Doc and I were the only 2 left to take the lead over Fox and Rock. I took over a lot of Hunter’s responsibilities from April until October, and then I was elevated out of promotions and into programming. I became the Music Director for Fox, Rock, and our newest station 94.9 The Palm, which I also helped launch.
So here we are today: I am officially the Assistant Programming Director over Fox, Rock and The Palm. I have a lot of people to thank for this honor. There have been so many people on my radio path and each one of them saw something in me that I probably didn’t see in myself. They should know who they are.


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