Some tourists in Rome are complaining about an outrageous food bill.
The family of four had three hot dogs, one ham and cheese sandwich, a bottle of water and four Coca-Colas and they were charged 119 euros. That adds up to 131 US dollars.
The father, Leo Recchia, told an Italian newspaper that the family ate a complete dinner for the same price the night before.
The owner of the restaurant said the prices are clear on the menu. Since the establishment is close to the Vatican, the prices might be higher. Many people have reported overpricing at Italian cafes on social media.
Here’s what I have to say about this:
1. Know the conversion rate when you travel somewhere that doesn’t accept US dollars. That’s on you.
2. When I went to Rome, we had no issues with being overcharged for anything. But we also understood the pricing and we double checked our bills.
3. Who the heck goes to Rome and eats a HOT DOG? There are so many amazing Italian foods! Why would you go to Italy to eat an American option you can get here any time you want? I’d overcharge you for that too! Geez…

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