Before Robert Trujillo joined Metallica, he opened for them on their 1993 tour as a member of Suicidal Tendencies.  And he said they were AWESOME tour mates.

In an Apple Music interview, Robert said, quote,

“We had made a record that I guess Lars [Ulrich] seemed to like…I got my first official bonus, I’ll never forget that. We were summoned to go meet them in their tour lounge…and were handed each an envelope with cash…it was about $1,000 and that was the most money I had ever made, or saw, through music.  It was just so kind and amazing.”

Robert auditioned and joined Metallica in 2003 when they needed a bass player.

He said, quote, “Being in a band like Metallica . . . it requires a lot more than just being able to play the songs . . . You’ve got to get along with your people, and you’ve got to understand how to gauge the territory.”

(Watch his interview  from 19:35 to 21:40.)

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