Remembering Neil Peart of Rush

Rush unveiled shocking news for it’s fans headed into the weekend. Neil Peart, the legendary drummer has died at age 67.

One of the greatest and most respected drummers in music history, regardless of genre!

For 40 years, Neil Peart of Rush not only propelled the Canadian trio with his intricate, powerful playing, he also provided the lyrics with an intelligence and depth seldom found in rock music.

Through 18 studio albums together, Peart, along with Rush bandmates Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson built a legacy of uncompromising music, influencing generations of musicians, earning an unbroken string of gold and platinum records, as well as a place in both the Canadian Music and Rock And Roll Halls Of Fame.

The band ended their time together quietly after a 40th anniversary tour in 2015, without announcing it as their last until it was done. We remember…the professor of the drum kit. Rush’s…Neil Peart!

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