I like tasting my food separately. I’ve called myself a “food purist,” really as a joke but honestly, I’m pretty plain when it comes to basic food. I just want them to stay away from each other so the flavors don’t clash. Thanksgiving is a nightmare for me. If you’re like me, you really hate when your foods touch each other. Apparently there are a lot of of people like me, because there are 13 pages of food separators for sale on Amazon. But according to Delish, one stands above them all.
Called the Food Cubby, this food-safe silicone half moon shaped divider keeps each portion on its correct position on the plate, using a suction cup design to also “keep runny food from spreading.”
Nearly 70 reviews exist, mostly 5-stars, for the “kid invented” product, which is dishwasher safe and comes in a pack of two. Well, then I’m a child. And I’m putting them into my wish list now… who am I kidding… aaaaaannnnnnd boom! Checkout and bought.

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