Pumpkin Spice and Not Everything is Nice

Buffalo Wild Wings Just Introduced Pumpkin Spice Wings…

I love pumpkin spice. Cereal. Candy. Cheesecake. If it’s pumpkin spice flavored, I’m probably going to try it. Until now…
It’s not April 1st so it turns out this story is actually true. Buffalo Wild Wings just introduced a new flavor for basics who aren’t down with hot sauces but still enjoy spice.
B-Dubs’ new limited-time experiment “mixes BBQ flavors and pumpkin spice to create the new wing flavor.”
BBQ Pumpkin Ale sauce is exactly what you’d expect too. According to BroBible, it tastes like a “tangy, savory BBQ sauce made from an ale reduction with a hearty serving of cinnamon + nutmeg.”
If your goal is to ingest all things pumpkin spice, you better head there quickly, as “limited-time” means through the end of the month.
Hard pass on this one.



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