Post Truth Future…An alarmingly dystopian tale

Ok…I’m the tech nerd around here and the link to the article below is written for anybody, but should frankly scare you…Alot.

The article appears in Buzzfeed and it talks about the idea that we’re so platformed and so manipulated by the computers and media in our lives that we run the risk of a future where the truth exists but it’s so hard to find in the clutter that people give up.  Literal truth apathy.

In radio we refer to signal to noise ratio.  When you listen (at least if you listen to the FM signal) we hope you get crystal clear music with a small noise floor of unavoidable hiss/digital noise that exists in the world.  The AC/DC covers that bottom noise up…or sometimes the sound of my voice.

But if you have more noise than signal (and that’s what we’re talking about here) you give up on listening because it’s too hard to pick my voice out of the noise and static.

Imagine a future where you’re so annoyed by social media and whatever will replace it…That you’re so siloed in either your Fox and Friends or Vox bunker that you that you don’t know and don’t care about what is the objective truth.

The Carlin video has always spoken to me about manipulation in media and before you fire up your facebook page to tell me that me and the company I work for are part of the problem…Well yeah but we’re just trying to get you to buy tires…Not change who gets a tax cut or what social programs are important.

Info Calypse Now



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