A massive winter storm front descending on the Midwest, South and Northeast is forcing closures and cancellations of airports, schools and roads, to name a few. Even crime has been cancelled…
Police in Green Bay, Wisconsin told thieves that it’s too cold to steal.
On Tuesday, The Green Bay PD issued a cancellation to all criminal activity in the area because of the historic low temperatures.
Police Chief Andrew Smith said, “With the wind chill warnings, we simply cannot have any criminals putting themselves in harm’s way at those temperatures. Avoiding crime and criminal activities is especially important during periods of inclement weather. Also during all other times.” I mean, this shouldn’t be something that has to be said, but here we are…
Wind chills in Green Bay have dipped to between -30 and -45 over the last couple of days. No. Ma’am. That is NOT OK. Winters like this make me SO happy that I moved to South Carolina!
The weather is expected to be so bad in Priceville, Alabama that the police department has also canceled crime.
In a notice posted on Facebook, the Priceville Police Department writes, “Due to the extreme cold and heavy snow predictions, all crime and doing really dumb things has been cancelled until further notice.”

Things are also bad in Illinois…
Somehow I don’t see “Elsa goes to jail” becoming the title to a Disney spin-off of Frozen. But that’s exactly how things are playing out.
The McLean Police Department picked up the Snow Queen of Arendell, slapping pink cuffs on her wrists.
Sharing two images of an officer placing her into the squad car, the Facebook caption read, “Due to the EXTREME COLD weather, all criminal activity and acts of stupidity and foolishness has been cancelled … Even Elsa has been placed under arrest with NO BOND until further notice.”

Apparently, these pics caused an “uproar,” and this post followed. The Elsa pics are from right here in SC:

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