Woman Breaks Into Police Station To Ask Officer On Date

A Pennsylvania woman came up with the wrong plan to ask out a police officer – she broke into the police station by smashing the glass doors.
27-year-old Ashley Keister was spotted on surveillance video smashing the front doors of the West Wyoming Borough police station with a cigarette receptacle, then going through filing cabinets.  When officers arrived, she began swinging at them.
Police say Keister was looking for an officer she had become obsessed with after he arrested her last year.  They say she would sexually harass him on social media and would call 911 in the hopes of talking to him.
This woman must have some SERIOUS bondage fetish fantasies. Or she just really loves a man in uniform. Can’t blame her for that!

Keister is facing charges of burglary, vandalism, and aggravated assault.

Naked Driver Leads Police On Multi-State Chase

A Pennsylvania man led police on a multi-state chase while driving in the nude.
Police in Delaware began chasing the vehicle after it was spotted the naked driver going the wrong way on Interstate 95, changing direction ‘several times’ before crossing the border into Pennsylvania.
Eventually, police used spike strips to stop the vehicle near Philadelphia International Airport.
The naked driver, 29-year-old Kyle Merena of Harrisburg, is facing several charges and was taken to a hospital for evaluation.
Y’all… it’s COLD in SC. It must be FREEZING in Penn! What was this dude doing driving around naked?


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