One of my top-5 heart-throbs of all-time hosted the season finale of SNL over the weekend. In one of the skits, Pete Davidson started rapping about his favorite show Game of Thrones. Turns out, he’s never watched an episode. So instead, he starts rapping about his ACTUAL favorite show, ‘Grace and Frankie.’ Then, Paul comes in, and also starts rapping about ‘Grace and Frankie,’ his favorite show as well.

This cracks me up for several reasons.

  • I love Paul Rudd
  • I love Grace and Frankie. If you’ve never seen it, you should. It’s the best.
  • I love SNL

This really has a lot going on for it. And once again, my love for Paul grows and grows. I still love Dave Grohl… and my husband… more. But if Crap Bag, aka Ant Man, aka Paul Rudd keeps this up, he may just win my whole heart. Swoon.

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