Ozzy opened up about his experience during a joint interview with wife Sharon Osbourne on the show “Loose Women.”

“It felt like I was being stabbed,” he said. “My arm was sore yesterday, but I’m glad I got it, you know?”

The 72-year-old rock legend said that he will be getting the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible and after catching his review… it was worth the wait!



“I look at it like this: if I don’t get the shot and I get the virus, there’s a good chance I ain’t going to be here,” Ozzy said.

Ozzy recently revealed that he suffers from emphysema and has a higher chance of getting pneumonia, which makes him more high-risk to contract Covid-19.

Do you know anyone who has gotten the Covid-19 vaccine? Are you or someone you know expecting to get the vaccine soon?