I love Stranger Things. I’m actually wearing my Hawkins Middle School AV Club Sweatshirt today. No lie:

But, the kids aren’t in middle school anymore. They’re in high school now…
The first trailer for “Stranger Things 3” is here and it’s full on 1985.
The trailer that’s set to music from Mötley Crue starts with Dustin coming home from summer camp.
Also in the trailer, you see the new Starcourt Mall and for some reason, parents are protesting outside of the mall. Also in the trailer, you see Will looking sad and sweating while looking at pictures of his friends.
There are lots more to tell but you’ve got to see the trailer for yourself. Season 3 of “Stranger Things” will be on Netflix on the Fourth of July. Instead of eating hot dogs, shooting jello shots and running through the sprinkler, I’ll be binge watching the show. And I can’t wait.

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