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Oh Hi… Can I Get You Some Coffee, Alligator?

Here’s your Florida story for today…
This is the headline of the story: A huge alligator was an unwelcome house guest at a Clearwater, Florida home on Friday morning. Unwelcome? That’s putting it lightly! How about a huge alligator was a terrifying surprise on a Friday morning! Can you imagine waking up, going to grab coffee, and there’s an ALLIGATOR in your kitchen? You won’t need the coffee, but you WILL need a new pair of underwear…
The police say the 11-foot gator got into the home through a low window. Keep your windows closed y’all!
A trapper was able to harness the animal and remove it from the house. No one was injured. Thank goodness for that!
Between the snakes and alligator events recently, I think it’s time to start reevaluating my living arrangements… I love the south, but these critters are getting out of hand y’all!

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