Nudist Couple Posting Pics Of Their Steamy/Naked Worldwide Adventures

Want to travel light? Try ditching your clothes (no, not really), but a nudist couple has been posting pics of their worldwide adventures, traveling across the globe in the buff. Silke Muys and Kieran Shannon’s weekly nude escapades – dubbed “Freaky Friday” – have earned them more than 21,000 followers on Instagram.

In an interview about their adventures, the couple says they first caught the nude travel bug during their yearlong trip across Asia in 2019, where they’d enjoy bathing together in waterfalls. But they don’t actually identify as nudists, they’re simply looking for adventure, and hoping to inspire “self-love and confidence.” But one look at their Insta suggests they DO like being naked…a lot!

“Getting naked started out as something we just both really enjoyed,” the couple says. “When we started to see the overwhelmingly positive reactions of people, it became a passion of ours to share body positivity and freedom however we could.”

In an effort to continue their “10-year honeymoon in the nude” the couple only spend $8 a day and sell their nude photos!