An accused drug deal in Baton Rouge has been arrested after he flaunted his ill-gotten gains online.

Dymont Green is facing a number of drug- and weapon-related charges after he sold heroin to an undercover officer, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office revealed Tuesday. Investigators targeted Green after he posted a photo of himself on social media. The pic shows him standing in front of a new Mercedes Benz with bundles of cash in his arms.

After busting Green, investigators served search warrants on his home and auto shop, according to court papers. They seized more than $32,000 in cash, several scales coated with heroin residue, two stolen firearms and ammo … and one Mercedes Benz.

Seriously dude? You were just asking to get caught. I don’t like calling people names, but big dummy head comes to mind… But I am glad his stupidity put him behind bars. One less drug dealer out on the streets.

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