So, USC, or should I say U of SC… we have to talk. I love you. Truly I do. I was so excited about going to USC (damn… sorry U of SC) and getting my degree, which I completed in 2016. I bleed garnet and black. My next tattoo will even be a tribute to my time there.

However, this new logo… not good. The font alone made me cringe a bit. I’m big on fonts, and this one doesn’t scream University of South Carolina to me. What was wrong with the old logo? This one is classic and timeless. No need to change it.

I understand that the University of Southern California won the rights to use USC, which is bull crap, but that’s a whole other story. But this was a chance to make something great, and I think most people feel like you blew it. It’s underwhelming and it won’t stand the test of time. Go back to the drawing board and come up with something worthy of our wonderful school. Go Cocks!

Here’s an easy fix:

Here’s what all of the new U of SC logos look like:

We now have a whole family of logos! Here they are side-by-side:

New year. Fresh look. More soon. #UofSC #NewProfilePic


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