1.  A Man Called Otto  (PG-13)

Tom Hanks plays Otto, a grumpy old man grieving over the recent loss of his wife.  He’s reluctantly drawn into the troubles of a new family that moves into his neighborhood and eventually rediscovers the will to live the more he helps them.


2.  Plane  (R)  Trailer

Gerard Butler plays a commercial pilot forced to make an emergency landing on an island during a storm.  But it turns out he landed in an area of the Philippines that’s ruled by heavily armed anti-government militias.

When they’re found by a militia leader, he and the passengers are taken hostage.  So he frees a convicted murderer played by Mike Colter (Marvel’s “Luke Cage”) to help him save the passengers and find a way out.


3.  House Party  (R)  (Limited)

LeBron James produced this reboot of the 1990 comedy House Party, so his house is where the party happens.

Jacob Latimore from Showtime’s “The Chi” and Tosin Cole from “Doctor Who” play friends who get fired from their jobs as house cleaners.  So they decide to host a big party at the site of their last cleaning job, LeBron’s mansion.

The 1990 original starred the hip hop duo Kid ‘n Play, and they have a cameo in this one too.  The other cameos include Snoop Dogg, Tinashe, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Hit-Boy, Kid Cudi, Odell Beckham Jr. and Laker stud Anthony Davis.

PROFANITY WARNING:  The Red Band Trailer is littered with F-bombs and S-words.


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