Nerd News: When To See A Once-In-600 Lifetimes Comet
  1. Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF reaches its closest point to the sun yesterday (January 12th). For your best odds of catching this once-in-600-lifetimes spectacle, watch northwestern dark skies during the Saturday, Jan. 21 new moon, or on the night of Wednesday, Feb. 1, when it’s closest to Earth.
  2. In health news:  All the sitting we do isn’t good for us, but a study found it’s pretty easy to offset.  Just walk around for five minutes every half hour.
  3. A lot of cool stuff debuted at last weekend’s Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.  But followed it up with a list of the worst gadgets they’ve seen there in the last 25 years.  They include vacuum shoes . . . a robot to bring you toilet paper . . . and an oven-like contraption to dry out your wet dog.
  4. The NASA satellite that spotted a hole in the ozone layer in the 1980s finally fell out of orbit and crashed into the Pacific on Sunday.  It was only supposed to last two years, but stayed up there almost four decades.

    In related news, the ozone layer has been repairing itself ever since 1987, when the world agreed to stop using Freon in things like aerosol cans.  Now a new study found it should fully repair itself within the next 50 years.

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