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Every Friday, we run down the nerd news we learned this week, all things happening in the science, tech, health & wellness arenas.

And the coolest place to start: Scientists found a way to translate brain waves into music, using a Pink Floyd song — here’s how the tech could be used for communication in the future.


Surgeons at NYU Langone Health have successfully transplanted a pig kidney into a brain-dead man who has now survived with the organ for over a month. This surgery could end up being a game-changer for the more than 103,000 people who need an organ transplant across the US


LG will launch a $1k TV-in-a-suitcase in the US this month. The 27-inch portable screen with a built-in battery and speakers will thrill tailgaters, but we’re really just happy for campers, who finally have a way to pass all that boring nature time.



A new wellness trend called “death meditation” is gaining popularity online and on the coasts as people pretend they’re dead as a form of exposure therapy
The trend involves getting wrapped up like a mummy, writing your eulogy, and then imagining your body decaying in the ground

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