1.Wait . . . we won’t even be able to put robots in jail?  Researchers have created humanoid, miniature robots that can shapeshift and turn into liquid.

And for some reason, they demonstrated this with the above video showing a robot changing forms to escape a cell door.

2. The A.I. chatbot ChatGPT passed an exam at Penn’s prestigious Wharton School of Business, and teachers are worried more and more students will use it to cheat.  Recent studies have found it’s now capable of achieving a master’s degree in business, and could pass the bar exam or medical license exam soon.


3. A study in China found Earth’s inner core may have stopped rotating and started spinning in the other direction.  But there’s no evidence it affects us at all.  It’s over 3,000 miles below the surface.  They think the switch happened around 2009, also happened in the 1970s, and could happen again in about 20 years.


4.  NASA has unveiled plans to test nuclear-powered rockets that would fly astronauts to Mars in ultra-fast time.  It should also be a SAFER method for astronauts to travel.

But it’s still a long ways off.  They say it could be developed as soon as 2027.  Which is fine, we’re not quite ready for Mars at the moment.


5.  What time is it on the moon?  That’s a question that scientists are going to have to figure out if we’re ever going to set up a permanent base there.


6.  Researchers from the University of California-San Diego say that a new wearable, stamp-sized heart monitor could use ultrasound technology to observe the heart, on the go.  It could provide doctors with images as people go about their day . . . and it even works during strenuous exercise.