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Every week we run down the latest in science, tech, space, and health breakthroughs from the week!


The first livestream from Mars happened! The European Space Agency set their Mars orbiter to beam back “live” pictures every 50 seconds.  Technically, there’s still a delay though. It takes an average of 12-and-a-half minutes for light to get here from Mars.  But it’s a little farther away in its orbit right now, so there’s about a 17-minute delay.



Researchers in Ohio and Illinois captured an X-ray image of a single atom for the first time.  It’s apparently a very big deal.  They say being able to see the specific make-up of single atoms could lead to major medical breakthroughs.

Scientists finally think they know why we evolved to have arches in our feet.  It we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t be able to walk upright or run very well.  Chimps and other primates have flat feet.  We’re the only ones with arches.



Have you ever said “I knew it wouldn’t last” after you heard someone broke up?  A study found you probably weren’t really THAT confident.  We just tend to think we saw it coming because of something called “hindsight bias.”