A Worker at a Bank Quit His Job, Showed Up As Spider-Man on Last Day

With great power comes great responsibility. Every Spider-Man fan knows that, including the guy who dressed up on his final day of work as the Marvel superhero.
A man who worked in the analysis department of a bank (by the way, that sounds BOOOORRRRING!) decided that for his final farewell, he was going to dress up as Spider-Man. To much delight of his coworkers, he even handed out candy!
Captured in photos doing his regular bank job but donning the spidey-suit, people left comments like, “Dress for the job you want not for the job you have,” and, “He got a new job as a web designer.” Ha. Ha. Ha. Dad jokes galore…
My last day here, if that day ever comes, I’m totally dressing as Wonder Woman, and handing out candy.

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