The outpouring of kindness and love has been truly inspiring! We extend our humble and heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has responded.

Weird Beard‘s health is steadily improving! However, months of confused wandering with minimal food and shelter have taken a significant toll, especially on a 72-year-old. This situation highlights the harsh realities of homelessness, a crisis many might often ignore as they go about daily life.

(Credit: Leisa Marie Greer)

Beard is a man who has served his radio community for four decades, participating in countless humanitarian fundraisers and sharing experiences with fans at concerts, NASCAR races, and chili cook-offs. You could often catch him at Five Points Jerry Fest, Loose Lucy’s, Group Therapy and always on Fox 102.3! Weird Beard is a dedicated servant of the community, who currently finds himself facing homelessness in the Midlands.

The FOX team knows him as a brilliant, kind, and honest man, now broken by homelessness. A personal heartache, raising painful awareness of a situation many face across the Midlands.

While the process is slow, it is not impossible. It begins with reaching deep into our spirits of altruism and making sacrifices for those who have lost everything. Any donation or vibe you can send Weird’s way is incredibly appreciated!

For the team nursing Weird Beard back to health and him there are some immediate needs:

    • Tee shirts size LARGE
    • Blue jeans, sweat pants and shorts WITH pockets. Size 36/32
    • Socks, men’s large
    • Men’s boxers
    • Reading glasses, 2.50 to 3.00
    • HEALTHY meals, no fried, no junk. Beard’s Merry Band-Its can arrange for pick-up.
    • A Social workers familiar with the resources for folks who’ve lost everything.

Follow Beard’s journey and find out how to get engaged in his recovery with Beard’s Merry Band-Its

Thank you for your continued support and compassion. Together, we can make a difference.