If you see the presidential jet of Mexico, you might think it’s a symbol of Mexican leadership, patriotism, importance, and luxury, since it cost more than $200 MILLION.

But it might just be a symbol that some really, really rich people are getting married, and there’s a baller bachelorette party happening.

Here’s The Deal

The previous Mexican president splurged on the jet, and it’s become a huge expense.  The current regime doesn’t want it and has been trying to sell it for years.  But there haven’t been any takers. This week, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said to cover its upkeep, they’re now making it available to RENT OUT for things like weddings, parties, or elaborate quinceañeras for girls who turn 15 years old.

It’s unclear how much it costs to rent the presidential jet . . . and we’re assuming that Mexican authorities will be flying the thing.