Men With These Features Are The Best In Bed

A new survey asked 4,500 women to name the physical features of their BEST sexual partner. And you have to wonder, do changeable features really matter when it comes to how good you are in bed?  

Here are the top 10 most common features:

  1. Beard, 73% of women said the best dude they ever had sex with had a beard.
  1. Brown eyes, 71%.
  1. Piercings, 70%.
  1. Broad shoulders, 68%.
  1. Tattoos, 62%.
  1. Brown hair, 59%.
  1. A “snail trail” of hair down from their belly button, 58%.
  1. Small feet, 53%.  (Who knew?)
  1. Glasses, 51%.
  1. High cheekbones, 49%. 

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And what’s the other side of this? Men, what we’re some of the physical features of your BEST sexual partner?!