Maybe I Can Sell Pics of My Feet…

No, these are not Sadie's feet.

People have actually asked for pictures of my feet. If that’s what you’re into, that’s cool. I don’t judge. I just don’t need to be involved. But maybe there’s some way I can make a profit off this weird request… It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.
A woman named Roxy Sykes said her work in the foot fetish industry started with a compliment. She was told that she had beautiful feet and her career began.
Now she has flipped her beautiful feet into a thriving business.
She started an Instagram account which gained 10,000 followers in a month and then she began selling her used sneakers and socks.
The socks go for around $35 a pair and some used shoes sell for around $250. Roxy said her friends and family support her business which rakes in a ton of cash and she said she loves what she does.
Now she even trains models on how to get into the foot fetish industry. Anyone have Roxy’s number? I have questions…



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