They say to marry someone who keeps you warm at night – and a UK woman is taking that advice to heart, by marrying her duvet.
49-year-old Pascale Sellick says her duvet is “the longest, strongest, most intimate and reliable relationship that I have ever had”, which has “always been there for me and gives me great hugs”.
Now she’s planning a lavish ceremony and has even hired a wedding planner, promising ‘music, laughs, and entertainment’.
The big day is set for February 10th and guests are asked to arrive in their pajamas.
OK- my favorite blanket is softer and sometimes more reliable than my husband is. It doesn’t talk back, and it’s always there when I need comfort. Out of all the inanimate objects in my house, my blanket or my favorite pillow case would be first on my list to marry. And by the way, I don’t hate the idea of attending a wedding in my pjs… this woman may be on to something…


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