Being paid for something you’re already doing sounds like an IDEAL side gig but you probably wouldn’t think of being paid for THIS:

The “sexual wellness brand” LoveHoney is looking for 10 adults, who’d like to be paid $1,000 over one year to pleasure themselves. These people will serve as members of their new “Orgasm Advisory Board,” and they’ll also receive $250 worth of sex toys every month.

In addition to the self-love, members will also be expected to “create content,” by sharing feedback on various products they’re sent, both with the company, and in the form of reviews, although they can be anonymous.

So there is some work involved.  And $1K isn’t a TON . . . it’s $83 a month, or about $20 a week.  But this could still be an appealing gig for anyone who already enjoys trying out new products.

Interested?  Apply at, starting today.

(Warning:  That link may be NSFW since they sell sex toys.  There is NOT any nudity though.)

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