Ok…I’ve had one of the better jobs for a music fan in my life.

I’ve been to countless rock and roll shows.

Small ones where I knew the band members…and most of the audience by name.

Big ones where I was working with the promoter to put on the show.

In the middle on a Thursday night at the Music Farm in Charleston.

Inevitably I greet the audience the same way…I welcome them to the show.

And thank them for coming to the “Gathering of the tribe”…That tribe of rock and roll fans that sing along, dance and yes Virginia…sometimes mosh.

I’m looking forward to this movie.  I reminds me of long Summer days at the Exchange Park in Ladson.

The station that I worked for in Charleston would have all the staff on site and everybody knew where they were supposed to be and when they were supposed to be there.

I always went up first.

“Welcome friends to the gathering of the tribe.  On your left and right are your brothers and sisters in rock and roll…thanks for coming to the show”

Many thanks to the airstaff, promoters

(Marshall, Trey at the Music Farm, Mike and Ray for the Ladson shows, Joe Melli from the Plex, and the AEG and Livenation kids that are in the business everyday.  These people take risks that would kill you because they love music more than you do) and the bands that made this magic happen and will make it happen again.

Find details on the movie including how to order it here: longliverockmovie.com

Check out the trailer…Stay safe and one day the tribe will gather again…I hope to be there opening the show.


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