To commemorate what would have been the Alice in Chains singer’s 52nd birthday, the mayor of Seattle has declared August 22nd “Layne Staley Day.”

In announcing the last-minute declaration, Mayor Jenny Durkan said the special day isn’t just to remember Staley, who died from a drug overdose in 2002, but also to bring awareness to Staley’s memorial fund and the city’s support system for people with drug problems. “We support our residents who struggle with substance use disorder, and commend Layne Staley Memorial Fund for providing hope, education, support and treatment funds for heroin recovery in the Seattle community,” the proclamation reads. “The city of Seattle celebrates Layne’s artistry and the promotion of the arts in Seattle as we work toward a more vibrant, healthy and safe city.”

The city is celebrating the inaugural holiday with a meet-and-greet with members of Staley’s family and performances by local bands, who will perform songs by Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam.

This day also falls on my wedding anniversary, and I’m happy to share that day with such a gifted performer. We lost him way too soon.



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