You don’t always have to read between the lines.  Sometimes people mean exactly what they say…

A 39-year-old defense attorney in Pittsburgh named Daniel Muessig went viral in 2014 for an ad where he claimed he could “think like a criminal.”  And this week, he admitted in court that he actually IS one.

The ad he made was ridiculous.  He claimed to know the legal system inside and out . . . called laws “stupid” and “arbitrary” . . . said he can “think like a criminal” and has lots of “street knowledge” . . . and joked that he visits his friends in jail all the time.

He won’t have to visit anymore though, because he got indicted over the summer for selling HUNDREDS of pounds of marijuana.  The guys he was working with were selling harder stuff too.

Back in 2019, cops tapped a drug dealer’s phone, and the sting operation revealed Daniel was helping them operate a stash house.

Prosecutors say he helped distribute and sell 200 to 900 pounds of marijuana.  They also caught him with around $400,000 in drug money.

He took a deal and pled guilty on Tuesday.  He’ll be sentenced in March and faces at least five years in prison.  He’ll also be a felon, so he can’t practice law anymor

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