I loved watching The Price is Right as a kid. I would try to stay home sick just so I could watch the showcase showdown. Bob Barker seemed like everyone’s grandpa, and I wanted to play Plinko and Cliffhangers so bad!
Well, as promised, KISS stopped by The Price Is Right on Monday as their End Of The Road farewell tour got underway.
On a rock-n-roll themed episode, the band gave away prizes including including the chance to travel with the band to a show in Detroit Rock City, and an entire KISS-themed package during the Showcase Showdown.
But don’t worry if you missed it, I have it posted for you!
The ‘End Of The Road’ tour kicked off last week in Vancouver and is coming to North Charleston in August.
By the way, The Warmouth on Franklin st. has the original KISS board game if you’re so inclined to play. Hunter and I played it one time during lunch… I won’t lie, it’s kind of boring, but it’s nostalgic.

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