It’s that time of year: time for kids to pay the candy tax! It’s every parents’ rite of passage: you get first dibs on all the treats your kids bring home.

According to

78% of parents admit to stealing candy from their kid’s Halloween candy, with 28% eating more candy than their own kids.

I don’t think I eat more than my kids do, but I definitely eat my fair share. Look, you have to buy candy to give away, pay for their Halloween costumes, walk them 17 miles around the neighborhood, and then you have to check the candy to make sure it’s safe… which is usually when parents start pocketing the candy they want. It’s more than fair to steal 10-15 pounds… I mean pieces of candy from your kids. And I’m not alone! We posted a poll on the Fox Facebook page and clearly I’m not the only parent that does this:

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