OK, this just solidifies that kids’ toys these days are gross and weird… 

A new invention called the Fart Launcher claims to allow you to launch a dose of toxic gas at unsuspecting targets. OK, my kids have enough noxious gas coming from their bodies… they don’t need a toy to help them!

WowWee toys, maker of Fingerlings  and the newly released Butt Heads, announced the Fart Launcher at the Toy Fair. My daughter likes Fingerlings, even though I think they’re weird. But I had to look up Butt Heads… what in the heck are these weird things? Check out the video… they’re gross and I’m glad my boys have grown out of crap like this… I HOPE. 

Back to the farts… The fart launcher resembles a NERF gun except it can be loaded with two different cartridges. One cartridge smells like bubble gum, which would be fine I guess, and the other one smells like someone passed gas, which is not ok. 

Let me tell you this: if anyone buys one of these for my kids, I will come to your house and unleash every gassy cartridge I can. You’ll wanna move out of your house, I promise.

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