Kelly Osbourne Starts #StayHomeForOzzy

Kelly Osbourne is the latest star urging fans to stay home – if not for their own health’s sake, at least to avoid spreading coronavirus to “high-risk” individuals like her rockstar dad Ozzy Osbourne. She’s calling on fans to show off their best Ozzy impressions with the hashtag #StayHomeToOzzy.

Not only will the hashtag give folks at home something to do, but it should also put a big smile on fans’ faces… not to mention Ozzy’s. Taking to Instagram, Kelly says it’s been a while since she “got to hug and kiss” her parents, who shipped off to Panama three weeks back before the coronavirus situation escalated.

“I stay home for my mum and dad. If you don’t have anyone to stay home for, I beg you #StayHomeForOzzy,” she writes. “Help put a smile on my dad’s face while he is in quarantine by posting a pic of your best Ozzy impersonation and #StayHomeForOzzy.” Check out the post below.

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