I *wish* I could sing like this. When she hits the “dream on” at 1:04, WHEWWWW, I immediately got goosebumps. Doesn’t it sound, and feel, like it would just be so…freeing to hit those notes?!


I got meet Kelly Clarkson a few years ago at her house in Nashville. She had flown a bunch of radio programmers out for a listening party for her (then) upcoming album. She was (is) amazingly normal. Funny. Warm. Charismatic.

I couldn’t believe that she had welcomed about 200 people to her house and was so calm about it. If I have more than one other person in my apartment, I’m stressed. Yes, her house was dope. She had saddles as seats at the bar.

We all sat under this tent while she played her new music. She was hella funny, and told us the story behind each song as we went along.

While I already knew Kelly Clarkson was talented, it was a dope experience to see someone so in their element and so good at what they do. Which brings me back to this cover. Goosebumps. In my next life, I’ll take boobs that hold themselves up and a voice like Kelly’s.



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