Just The Tip Tuesday: Which Side Should You Sleep On To Aid Digestion?

Okay, I like to eat. Like EAT eat. And sometimes I accidentally house a box of Cheez-Its* (Extra Toasty is the way to go here, folks) and then I’m so ridiculously full that I have to put a pillow underneath my belly, the way pregnant women do except I’m not with child, I’m just fat. So instead of utilizing self control or showing some restraint and serving up an actual regular, single serving portion, I learned ways to help my fat ass continue to snack despite the fact that I was full 20 minutes ago. And this is where today’s “Just The Tip” tip comes from!

The answer to the question“Which Side Should You Sleep On To Aid Digestion?” is: your left side. It’s the way your stomach is set up or designed. Look, I’m not a doctor or a scientist and I don’t know the correct verbiage, but laying on your left side helps the gastric juices flow better. It alleviates acid reflux and heartburn, boosts digestion, and more.

Also, definitely try the pillow thing.



*NOT sponsored by Cheez-Its, though they should give me money

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